Repairers & Parts

Our Club often receives requests for recommendations for repairers and suppliers of parts for Rover vehicles.

The information on this page has been compiled from recommendations received from our members.

The Rover Car Club of Auckland (Inc) takes no responsibility for the reliability of this information nor for any consequences which may result from the use of it.

Repairers of Rover cars

Paul Walbran Motors
Address: 1 Stock St, New Lynn, Auckland
Phone 09 817 8194

MG Rover NZ Ltd
Address: Unit 2, 59 Wolverton St, Avondale, Auckland
Phone 09 828 3001

Bygone Auto Services
Address: Unit 9, 318 Beach Haven Rd, Beach Haven, Auckland
Phone 09 483 3991

Sterling Brake & Clutch
Address: 55 Neilson St, Onehunga, Auckland
Phone 09 636 4919

Suppliers of Parts for Rover cars

P6 water pumps: the Auckland Rover Club has some new and reconditioned water pumps for P6 & P6B engines. Cost is $95 (exchange basis) for members of a Rover club in NZ. Contact John Maskell on 027 328 2735

P4, P5, P6 and Land Rover parts: the Nelson Marlborough Rover Club has a considerable supply of
new old stock parts. Mainly mechanical: brake callipers, axle half shafts, gasket sets, gearboxes, P4
bumpers, P5 complete recon motor. Contact Gavin Hill on

SD1 Rover parts: Gareth Clark at:

MG Rover NZ Ltd
Address: Unit 2, 59 Wolverton St, Avondale, Auckland
Phone 09 828 3001

APEX Auto Centre - Brake & Cable Specialists
Address: 66 Killarney Rd, Hamilton
Phone 0800 10 27 39 or 07 847 7179

J R Wadhams Ltd
Address: Stourbridge, UK
Phone +44 1384 891 800 (24 hours)

Rimmer Bros
Address: Lincoln, UK
Phone +44 1522 568 000

Scotts Old Auto Rubber
Address: Victoria, Australia
Phone +61 3 9545 3222

Discount MG Rover Spares (Modern Rovers)
Address: UK

WINS International Ltd